Leipomo Martin Bakery

Professionals of Finnish delicacies.
The Martin bakery has been in operation for more than 50 years.
The bakeries are located in Tammela and Valkeala in Finland.

Jaakko Martin founded the family bakery in Tammela in 1959. The bakery was a major employer in its region, employing 40 bakers. When Jaakko retired in 1992, Tuottajain Mylly bought the bakery business. In 1999, the Kumpula family bought the Tammela bakery, and in a few years also the Valkeala bakery.

In our Valkeala bakery, we produce fresh bread and both salty and sweet delicacies on five days a week. Valkeala bakery has interruption in production.
Our Tammela bakery, in turn, is responsible for the production of palatable Rieskanäkkäri and Spelttinäkkäri crispbreads.